Friday Fax: Metropolitan’s Legal Aid Bureau Celebrates 125 Years!

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are very proud to celebrate our 125th anniversary this year.  Watch our Face Book page for events throughout the year that will call attention to the work of our agency and the great cause of equal access to justice. To get your appetite whetted, here are some of the notable names associated with the work of the Legal Aid Bureau:

  • Clarence Darrow (founding member, Bureau of Justice)
  • Jane Addams (Counselor, helped found Northwestern Law School’s legal clinic)
  • Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft (Honorary Vice-Presidents, Legal Aid Society, 1915)
  • May Buckingham,  Mrs. Marshall Field,  John G. Shedd (Counselors, 1905)

And the Winner is…
You may have noticed the new spelling of this communication’s name. Some time ago we asked for suggestions to replace the original name “Friday Fax” which had become outdated. Many of you responded with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Our thanks to Lisa Colpoys, Director of Illinois Legal Aid Online, who came up with a creative way to update, yet keep, a familiar name.

To Board member Scott Solberg, Eimer Stahl Kleivorn & Solberg LLP, who was chosen “Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month” by Illinois Legal Aid Online. Click here or check out their website at to view the short video highlighting Scott’s commitment to pro bono work and access to justice.


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