Midway Mural Revealed!


On Thursday, August 8th, after more than 90 hours of work, a team of After School Matters 2013 Summer Interns led by artist Rahmaan Statik unveiled their mural for the exterior of the Midway Head Start facility.  A group gathered to view the piece which is prominently featured on the building facing Kedzie Street. Many stayed to enjoy refreshments and speak with the artists.


Rahmann began the project by creating a composition with photos compiled by staff. The After School Matters interns, Kaylynn, Mylaun and Omar created the foundation of the mural by redrawing the images with a projector and tracing paper. Students had specific roles in creating the mural which kept a similar style for faces and props within the composition. The students learned about the components of a good painting and how to make different textures and brushstrokes. Through Rahmann’s guidance, they also learned how to mix colors and give the piece character. The end result is a mural that Metropolitan is thankful for and excited about having as a part of the facility.  Rahmann is happy that the outside of the space now reflects the inside, and that those driving by the mural will be able to recognize that the building is a children’s center.

This was the first time artist Rahmaan Statik has worked with Metropolitan Family Services and he has enjoyed the time spent with staff and the students. Rahmann has worked with After School Matters since 2003, first as an artist, and then as a project lead after 2005. With a smaller group of just three students for this project Rahmann was able to have a more intimate experience and able to give them one-on-one attention and really get to know the skills and personalities of Kaylynn, Omar and Mylaun. Rahmaan enjoys working within the community and creating pieces with students. He seeks to keep students safe through creativity and hopes that students will find creativity within themselves.

The team worked for a total of six weeks to complete the mural, meeting four times a week for four hours each day. The students enjoyed working on the piece. Kaylynn, who worked on the drawing and background coloring said, “It was fun and challenging. We learned a lot of different strategies and techniques of painting. I liked the critiques and experimenting while working together on the piece.”


Mylaun enjoyed the fun, peaceful and comfortable environment. “It was relaxing to paint and make art. Everyone did good – it was a nice experience.”

“I’ve never done something like this before, the whole experience was great! Working with different people, an artist, it gives you a better sense of how to work in a group and is something I can use in school,” stated Omar.

A big thank-you to Rahmann, Kaylynn, Omar, Mylaun and Midway staff for all the time, hard work and talent that was put into the creation of the mural! Click to learn more about Metropolitan Family Services Midway, Artist Rahmann Statik or After School Matters.


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