Celebrating & Supporting Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have/are serving in the armed forces! We appreciate all you do for our country. Metropolitan’s Veterans Individual and Family Program offers support to the veterans in our community. The group is a joint effort between Olive Harvey College and Metropolitan Family Services to provide a bi-monthly support group for veterans to discuss ways to manage symptoms, stress and challenges related to military service. Run by ToiJuana Murray, LCSW, a 10 year Navy Veteran who served in the Navy and Army Reserves, veterans are offered a safe and supportive environment to connect with other veterans who may be experiencing some of the same challenges.


“Clinical and support services are needed to promote the recovery and resiliency of veterans who have dedicated their lives in service to our country, and who may be facing significant mental health and emotional challenges as a result of their service. Multiple deployments and prolonged separations from friends and family are more and more commonplace, and these factors put a lot of stress on veterans as they navigate the transition from military life to civilian life. The number of veterans who will require mental health counseling and supportive services continues to grow at a faster rate than the capacity most communities have to address the needs of these veterans. We created this veterans support group to offer support to veterans in the community – meeting the need where the need is at,” said MaLinda Lee, Supervisor of the Veterans Individual and Family Program.

Utilizing a recovery and resiliency model, the support group assists veterans to understand and cope with the unique challenges they faced. The group addresses issues that relate to:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Financial problems
  • Problems in school
  • Barriers to employment
  • The impact of military service on families and children
  • Stress and other challenges related to military service
  • Readjustment to civilian life
  • Reunion related stress
  • Learning to manage physical disabilities
  • And other changes having major impacts on life.

The Veterans Individual and Family Program offers a sense of community and knowledge that these veterans are not alone in their struggles and Metropolitan is there is help and support them. For more information please contact MaLinda Lee at 773-291-6190 or leem@metrofamily.org


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