Young Fathers Initiative Supports Young Men’s Roles as Fathers


For young fathers who are unemployed, undereducated or have been incarcerated, getting their lives back on track can be extremely challenging. The Young Fathers Initiative is designed to give these dads the tools they need to become financially self-sufficient and raise healthy children. The program helps them:

  • Become better dads by learning new fathering skills
  • Gain financial literacy
  • Prepare for and find jobs
  • Get access to legal assistance, health care and counseling
  • Connect with a support network for young dads

Establishing a solid financial base is important to strengthening a father’s bonds with his children. According to the 2008 ChildTrend report by the Department of Health and Human Services, fathers who are employed may be more involved with their children because having a regular, reliable income helps them fulfill the role of provider.

InvestinDadsLast year, 98% of fathers in the Young Fathers Initiative improved their financial position by either increasing their net income/financial worth or showing an improved credit score. And, 70% increased their resources—monetary and other—to provide for their children.

With the parenting education, job training and placement, and financial education services offered through the Young Fathers Initiative, young dads gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference in the lives of their children. For more information about the Young Fathers Initiative, contact Nathan Wright, Case Manager, at

Click here to hear Bryant’s story on becoming a father and working with the Young Fathers program.

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Friday Fax: Metropolitan’s Legal Aid Bureau Celebrates 125 Years!

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are very proud to celebrate our 125th anniversary this year.  Watch our Face Book page for events throughout the year that will call attention to the work of our agency and the great cause of equal access to justice. To get your appetite whetted, here are some of the notable names associated with the work of the Legal Aid Bureau:

  • Clarence Darrow (founding member, Bureau of Justice)
  • Jane Addams (Counselor, helped found Northwestern Law School’s legal clinic)
  • Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft (Honorary Vice-Presidents, Legal Aid Society, 1915)
  • May Buckingham,  Mrs. Marshall Field,  John G. Shedd (Counselors, 1905)

And the Winner is…
You may have noticed the new spelling of this communication’s name. Some time ago we asked for suggestions to replace the original name “Friday Fax” which had become outdated. Many of you responded with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Our thanks to Lisa Colpoys, Director of Illinois Legal Aid Online, who came up with a creative way to update, yet keep, a familiar name.

To Board member Scott Solberg, Eimer Stahl Kleivorn & Solberg LLP, who was chosen “Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month” by Illinois Legal Aid Online. Click here or check out their website at to view the short video highlighting Scott’s commitment to pro bono work and access to justice.

Friday Fax: Saving a Family’s Home

“Hi attorney Mullens – I want to thank you for being there for me and taking my case. Without you appearing in court and answering my response forms, I don’t think I would be in my home today. You are the best!   Keep up the good work.”

“Tina” and her husband were doing well, raising their family and meeting their bills. Things got tight when her husband lost his job. Then Tina lost hers. By the time both found new jobs, their home was in foreclosure. They approached their lender to see if they could work out an agreement to catch up but the lender wouldn’t talk to them.  When Tina met with LAB paralegal Laura Allen at our Midway Community Center, the family had been served with a motion for summary judgment. They were at imminent risk of losing their house and not being able to purchase another one because of the effect this would have on their credit. LAB did not have anyone available to make the next court date but attorney Timothy Mullens helped Tina prepare a response to file on her own until he could appear in court.  Tina went to court and the Judge continued the case based on her allegation that she had not received proper notice and to give her time to get an attorney. After several court appearances by LAB, the Judge denied the lenders request for a Judgment against Tina. His ruling in Tina’s favor was based on their listing an incorrect amount owed in the complaint, improper notice, and the lender’s refusal to discuss a modification of the loan. The Judge then granted several long continuances to allow Tina’s family to successfully negotiate a loan modification that would allow them to catch up and continue to make payments going forward.

“Hi Laura, I want to thank you for being there whenever I called with updated information regarding my home and court dates. A special thanks for referring me to one of the best attorneys – what a wonderful team!  Many thanks for your kindness, ‘Tina”
Thanks To:

  • Ferlillia Roberson and Jennifer Cowen – each designated a $500 gift to LAB from Kirkland & Ellis LLP to honor their donation of more than 200 pro bono hours last year
  • Illinois Bar Foundation – $5,000 for the Poverty Law Project
  • Square D- $30, 000 to support our child support work
  • Illinois Attorney General’s Office – $35,152.00 for the Domestic Violence Team

Congratulations To:

  • Newly elected Legal Aid Society Board members Douglas Stevens, Aon Corporation and Gregory Bailey, Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP

To learn more about the Legal Aid Bureau of Metorpolitan Family Services, click here.