Young Fathers Initiative Supports Young Men’s Roles as Fathers


For young fathers who are unemployed, undereducated or have been incarcerated, getting their lives back on track can be extremely challenging. The Young Fathers Initiative is designed to give these dads the tools they need to become financially self-sufficient and raise healthy children. The program helps them:

  • Become better dads by learning new fathering skills
  • Gain financial literacy
  • Prepare for and find jobs
  • Get access to legal assistance, health care and counseling
  • Connect with a support network for young dads

Establishing a solid financial base is important to strengthening a father’s bonds with his children. According to the 2008 ChildTrend report by the Department of Health and Human Services, fathers who are employed may be more involved with their children because having a regular, reliable income helps them fulfill the role of provider.

InvestinDadsLast year, 98% of fathers in the Young Fathers Initiative improved their financial position by either increasing their net income/financial worth or showing an improved credit score. And, 70% increased their resources—monetary and other—to provide for their children.

With the parenting education, job training and placement, and financial education services offered through the Young Fathers Initiative, young dads gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference in the lives of their children. For more information about the Young Fathers Initiative, contact Nathan Wright, Case Manager, at

Click here to hear Bryant’s story on becoming a father and working with the Young Fathers program.

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Celebrating Dad – Young Fathers Day at the Ballpark

On Saturday, June 8th, ten families from the Young Fathers Program joined Metropolitan staff & board members as the White Sox hosted the Oakland Athletics in an afternoon match-up. The game started with one of Metropolitan’s award nominated Young Fathers throwing out the first pitch. In the suite & in the stands families wore Metropolitan Mpowered tees while they enjoyed food, beverages & a great game as the Sox won 4-1.
“The clients and their children thoroughly enjoyed the game & being in the suite,” said Young Fathers program supervisor, Quincy Roseborough. “Not one of them had experienced that before, and they took full advantage of it!  The children were the biggest fans, and they let everyone know it. The family of our Young Father who threw the first pitch couldn’t have been more proud of him — that was a shining moment for his children!” 
What a great start to the celebration of Father’s Day with the Day with Dad event!
Happy Father’s Day to all dads from Metropolitan Family Services!
Metropolitan’s Young Fathers program helps young fathers become employed, financially self-sufficient and raise healthy children. The program includes job readiness training and placement, money management training and parent education and support. Participants are encouraged to actively nurture and financially support their children.

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